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The Accelerated Demand for ESG Professionals

Given the indisputable business benefits of ESG, organizations across every industry are ramping up their hiring efforts in this area. However, the sector has grown faster than the market can keep up with, creating a widespread race for talent

The demand for ESG professionals has never been higher – yet talent in the field are scarce. The dearth of ESG talent can be demonstrated with a LinkedIn job search in 2022, which shows more than 20,000 jobs in sustainability and ESG are waiting to be filled across APAC

PwC had announced a $12 billion plan to develop 100,000 new jobs in ESG by 2026. This figure, if achieved, would represent a third of the total workforce at PwC

Businesses are eager to connect the areas of risks and opportunities in sustainability and think holistically about integrating ESG into a company. As the demand for talent increases, there will be a need to create and expand a diverse talent pool with appropriate training and experience

Over 80% of S&P 500 companies release ESG reports

IST Solution
Provide Globally Recognized ESG Training

Professional Workshops

To define ESG strategies and share insights on current practices and challenges of integrating ESG 

Modules such as Principles of Sustainability, Sustainable Finance and Technology, Global Business Practices in Sustainability, and others 

Experiential learning and networking opportunities 

Pre-recorded lectures /in-person/Zoom 

Speakers: Professors and Adjunct Professors from HKUST 

Who Can Join Us? 

Wide range of professionals, from middle-level management to C-suite executives 

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