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Our Mission 

To equip individuals and businesses to solve today’s most pressing environmental and social challenges via education, innovation and technology

Our Vision

To facilitate the transition and acceleration to a low-carbon economy 

About Institute of Sustainability and Technology

  • Non-profit organization, by Century City Group

  • Century City Group, founded in 1989 by Mr. Y. S. Lo is a diversified group with 5 listed members in Hong Kong

  • Supported by Hong Kong University of Science and Technology(HKUST), Nanyang Technological University, Centre for Impact Investing and Practices

About Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  • Only business school in Hong Kong recognized for its social impact and sustainability achievements in the latest 2021 “Positive Impact Rating”, by WWF, Oxfam, and UN Global Compact

  • 467 Startups incubated in the last 5 years, around 25% of students engaged

  • 1,759 Active Patents and Paten Applications

  • 9 Unicorns already from HKUST

  • With the expansion of its Guangzhou campus, HKUST’s incubator and alumni program will feature best-in-class entrepreneurs and portfolio companies, including deep tech startups

  • Provides rigorous academic expertise to perform robust impact measurement

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